Foto Friday (well, its a drawing, but still)

Most awesomely ridiculous drawing of football players with mascot heads I have ever seen:

Couple/three points:

– Yeah I know it’s from last week, and that this is THIS week, and Boise/UGa stuff is old news, but I see what I see when I see it.

– The drawing is from ESPN the Magazine, I think, so h/t to them I guess.  BUT, I don’t think the artist knew what the BSU mascot is.  The thing drawn here looks like a weird Toad Demon, with a Steve Taneyhill mullet.  Actually, maybe Boise should consider going with this over their banal Bronco.  THE BOISE STATE WEIRD TOAD DEMONS WITH STEVE TANEYHILL MULLETS TAKE THE FIELD!!!   It could work.

– Oh, and why is the thing breathing fire?  I can believe that horses and dogs can be dressed up to look like football players, but the fire nostrils tell me it was a Lord of the Rings nerd pushing the ink pens.

– Is that lightning or slobber coming out the dog’s mouth?   I would go with slobber, since that’s the closest to bulldog reality (I’m talking about the mascot, NOT THE FANS, geeze people!), and it would be a good rock-paper-scissors answer to the flaming nostrils, but its gotta be lightning, right?  Otherwise The Mothership is betraying a huge bias in favor of BSU and against the SEC, and that can’t right, can it?

– The dog is kneeing the flaming toad monster in the groin, which, as we all know from hard experience, is an accurate portrayal of Georgia sportsmanship.

– The toad monster and the dog are apparently fighting over a giant ear of corn.  What’s strange here is that neither dogs or toads eat corn as best as I can remember.

– Why is the dog wearing a kilt and knee-high socks?  Is Georgia Scottish in some way I’m not aware of?

– Upon reflection, the unis on both of these animals are far superior to the ones worn by either side in the game.

– The pawhands on that dog make me sad inside – it looks like the poor little thing is too tired and abused to even lift them.  Actually, if you saw the game, this is the most accurate thing about the whole drawing.