A Random Compliment from “Swing Your Sword”

Swing Your Spur?

I’m in the middle of reading Mike Leach’s entertaining New York Times bestseller “Swing Your Sword” and came across this nugget:

“In my opinion, the loudest place on Earth is the closed end zone at South Carolina. The distance from the back of that end zone to the crowd is about the length of my arm, and the stands go straight up. It’s just this wall of people. The stadium overall isn’t as loud, but that spot at Williams-Brice Stadium is like nothing else in college football. It’s just sheer noise.”

Nice compliment, and I don’t recall ever hearing anything that specific about our stadium from anyone else.

Leach is toxic right now in the college football landscape because of the lawsuits flying between he and Craig James and ESPN. But he’s going to make some team’s fan base very happy when he’s hired in the next year or two.

Maybe a replacement for the OBC one day?  (Please nobody get excited, I’m hoping Spurrier is here for years to come, just throwing it out there to make conversation.)

It’s a long shot, and would certainly stir a lot of debate on both sides based on his recent past and the fact he was Hal Mumme’s right-hand man. But I have to say, I wouldn’t want to be on the other sideline facing him. If not USC, here’s hoping he winds up somewhere on the West Coast.

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    1. Good question. Doesn’t get specific, but I’m assuming it was while he was OC at Kentucky, which was ’97 and ’98. We beat Kentucky 38-24 at home in ’97. I don’t recall that game specifically, but they must’ve been pretty bad.

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