Guess That Quote!

The wife of a prominent figure in Gamecock Athletics said the following, to whom was she referring?

“He’s a quarterback, and they are different people.  It takes a special person 
to be a quarterback. If you’re going to be a successful quarterback, you have
to have a little bit of all that, a little bit of the crazy, a little bit of 
wild, a little bit of the cockiness, all of that. Sometimes other people don’t
understand it, but that’s what goes with it.”

This was said about which of the following?:

A. Steve Spurrier

B. Steve Taneyhill

C. Corey Jenkins

D. Dickie De. . BWAHAHAHA I can’t even type that one with a straight face

E. None of the above (supply the correct answer)

3 thoughts on “Guess That Quote!

  1. I’m going to guess E, Stephen Garcia, simply because he has been the answer to every quarterback question for the last five years.

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