TRC Pop Culture Primer – The Wilhelm Scream

As you may be aware, we here at TRC like to broaden the scope of the blog from time to time to bring you, our faithful readers, items of particular pop culture significance.   In the past we’ve brought you internet meme updates, and even tips on grammar and language usage

Today we are focusing on the “Wilhelm Scream,” a stock sound effect that has appeared in dozens of movies and television programs.   First recorded in the early 1950s, this sound effect of a man screaming has made it way into dramas, comedies, and action movies.  It’s in movies as far back as Them, as popular as Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark, and as recent as Pirates of the Caribbean and Toy Story

Since this is still a sports blog, however, we thought it might be best to demonstrate using something more relevant.  We picked–totally at random, mind you–some Shane Beamer coaching footage from the past couple of years.  Listen closely and see if you can hear a Wilhelm Scream or two: