A Daily Dose of Cam-bashing and Other Randoms

The Missing Bash Brother – I saw only a few excerpts from the Chris Fowler interview with Cameron Newton last night, but one part in particular struck me.  Fowler asked him about the reports that he said “the money was too much” at Auburn, and Newton responded with “I’m not here to talk about reports…blah, blah.”  Then what in blue blazes are you there to talk about?  Your complete awesomeness?  How you unconditionally love your slimeball dad who almost cost you your college career with his greed?  The answer immediately struck me as Mark McGuire-esque.  We all know how that turned out.

Gus Malzahn, Your Ship Is Here – So the reports are Vanderbilt University wants to

Worth only half as much as Steve Austin, but still…

pay Gus Malzahn three MEEEEEEELION dollars to be their head football coach.  Let’s break this down – the school with less than zero football tradition and no athletic department wants to pay $3mm to a guy whose resume reads:  Springdale High head coach, Arkansas assistant, Tulsa assistant, Auburn assistant.   I don’t see “head coach” next to any colleges in that list.  Hey, the guy has done a heckuva job at Auburn and probably deserves a shot as a head coach.  But mercy, Vandy, three million bucks should be reserved for guys with names like Saban.  Or Buck.  (I mean, I am available.)

In non-Auburn Related News – “Quitter” is about the worst name anyone in athletics can be called.  Urban Meyer can be forgiven for last year’s flirtation with retirement because of health issues.  But calling it quits on UF the second year in a row indicates a problematic pattern.  If I’m a university president or AD I think long and hard before hiring this guy.

Ryan Broyles, Really? – Marcus Lattimore and Alshon Jeffery are racking up the post-season awards.  But this morning I saw that Jeffery only made SECOND team A-A on the Walter Camp Foundation team.  How dare them! (Insert appropriate amount of righteous indignation.)  Justin Blackmon deserves his spot as he’s probably the best WR in the country this year.  But Ryan Broyles?  He has impressive numbers, but Alshon is the better player hands down. 

Is it Just Me? – To my great surprise, I’m pretty much over our beatdown from last week’s SECCG.  Normally a 56-17 loss would keep me in a funk for the better part of a decade.  But for some reason I’ve pretty much put this one out of my head  and am looking forward to the Chick-fil-a Bowl and 2011.  Judging by the brisk sales of CFA Bowl tickets, it looks like a lot of you feel the same way.