Banal Gameday Predictions – Clemson (CTU) Edition

Buck says:  Carolina 27, Clemson 17. For the first time in a long time we go into this game with the better team.  I hear a lot about how Clemson is loaded with talent, and they very well may be, but it has not translated to the field.  Carolina has had its best season under Spurrier, and the team will get an extra game next Saturday as a reward.  There will be no looking forward for these Gamecocks, and they’ll get their first back-to-back victories over the Tigers in 40 years.  Marcus Lattimore will find the going tough against a good CTU defense, but the ‘Cocks will still control the clock with a short passing game and just enough of a ground game.  CTU’s inept offense will remain just that against a rejuvenated Carolina defense.  Then it’s on to Atlanta my friends.

UPDATE:  Tbone twice attempted to provide his prediction, but both times hooked it inexplicably to the left. #boisestate