Banal Gameday Predictions – Troy (State University) Editio

Buck says: USC 49, TSU 17. That’s right, I’m all full of piss and vinegar this week. Fresh off the SEC East Championship Game (officialname BTW) victory and revisiting the Alabama victory via DVR has convinced me we are the best team in the SEC, nay, the country, and should have no trouble dispatching the Trojans. (Do not kill my buzz by mentioning our three losses, who they were to, and/or the margin of loss.) Seriously, I’m sure we’ll havea moment ofFurman-esque struggle, but I really hope this team has seen the light and plays like a champion.

Tbone says: USC 38 Troy 18. I can already hear theexpectant groan from the Williams-Brice hoards as the Trojans roll right over the Cocks during theearly stage of this hook-up. I expect the Trojan protectors to significantly limit thepenetration of our invading forces fora short time, but constant grinding will ultimately lead to a failure of the Troy defenses. It won’t be over as quickly as many of us expect, but go ahead and imagine kittens or something during the rough parts, cause it will be a wonderful payoff!