Gone Fishin’ – And We Might Not Come Back

Aw, who am I kidding, we’ll be back.  We have to come back to our crappy jobs so we can occasionally take short vacations to beautiful places.

But as an FYI to our loyal readers (thanks Mom and Uncle Frank!) The Rubber Chickens will begin our semi-annual fishing trip off the beautiful South Carolina coast tomorrow.  So the next time you hear from us blog-wise, we’ll either be SEC East Champs or Music City Bowl front runners.

Continue to follow us on Twitter, as I’m sure there will be some drunken rants as long as we can get a cell signal.

And good luck Gamecocks as we play the most important game in our history!

(T-bone edit:  No, that’s not true.  Please don’t listen to Buck when he writes.  Please, please ignore him.  Actually, if you see him on the street, take a tire iron to his leg, just below the kneecap, you know, the real boney part.)