Banal Gameday Predictions – Vanderbilt Edition

Buck says:  USC 23, Vandy 10.  People were so worried about the post-victory hangover last week.  I’m more worried about the post-crushing defeat hangover this week.  I expect the Gamecocks to be ornery and sluggish throughout this one.  Thank goodness Vandy’s offense stinks, because if not we would be in trouble in this one.  Our defensive backfield needs a confidence boost, and i think they’ll get it, albeit against the worst passing offense in the conference.  That said, Vandy is not nearly as bad as their showing in Athens last week, and we’ll struggle, but ultimately pull out the W.  Bonus:  If Lattimore is indeed dressed out and ready to play, expect him to get no fewer than 15 carries.

Tbone says: USC 38, Vandy 7.  Someone’s gotta pay for last week, and sorry ‘dores, its you.  Kenny Miles will get into an early groove, and run for over 100 yards, because The State is running out of contrived controversies to ‘report’ on.  Garcia will throw a pick early, and look for Vandy to get a trash TD as Auguste, Culliver, Gilmore, and Swearinger all decide to cover the same guy at least once.  BONUS PREDICTION:  Kentucky gets destroyed by the Pups (it took every single one of the Fates converging in the Wildcats favor last week, no way they get that many Greek demigods’ thumbs on the scales again). BONUS BONUS PREDICTION: LSU squeaks out a win over Auburn (The Hat obviously has a pact with the Devil).  BONUS BONUS BONUS PREDICTION:  Florida will not find a way to lose this weekend.  I know they don’t play, but still.

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