Banal Gameday Predictions – Kentucky Edition

Buck says: USC 38, Kentucky 20. This game is everyone’s upset special, and it has all the trappings: USC coming off huge emotional victory, Kentucky in desperation mode, the ‘Cocks 10-game win streak over the ‘Cats (are we on borrowed time?). What those calling for an upsetdon’t realize about last week’s win is this is aSouth Carolinateam with a different attitude and a different talent level. They’re goinginto Commonwealth like the SEC title is on the line, which in a way it is. It won’t be easy, but I’m going tofight my usual pessimistic urges and say we win this one going away.Oncethe Gamecocks settle in we’ll control the clock and continue our excellent work in the red zone.The big three of Garcia (200+), Lattimore (100+) and Jeffery (100+) will all have big nights. One more step towardsthe big showdown in Gainesville.

Tbone says:Gamecocks 35 Wildcats 24. Why? ‘Cause I like that score so much, that’s why. I would also like to see the Kentucky run defense (last in the SEC)get a steady diet of Lattimore and Maddox (and maybe even Kenny Miles?). Keeping the Kentucky offense, which has some punch, off the field is our best defense, sostick with the run, HBC. A question that needs to be answered is whetherthe Wildcats lead the SEC in pass defense because they are that good, or because opponents don’t need to do anything but run to win. Its gonna be cold road game(UK puts the visitors in the shade) which has bad pizza-related memories for me, but this still feels like a win going away.

G-Man says: USC 27-Kentucky 24. Don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Randall Cobb to graduate.Get ready to see a steady diet of theWild Cobbtomorrow night. I’m betting we counter with Marcus Marcus and more Marcus. I’ve gotthe score a little lowerbecause I suspect a lot of long drives, eating up the clock.Like last week, I expectEJ to commit to stop the run. If we can (and that means stopping Cobb), I like our chances. Hartline is a decent QB but I don’t see him as athreat toburn us much down field. We need another solid performance our of Garcia anda clean game-lowpenalties and turnovers. I’m expecting us to play well but have a feeling that UK will make this very difficult. We hold off a late rally to win-and quickly get the heck out of dodge.