SC – Auburn, A Graphic Explanation (Ellis Johnson’s Hat Edition)

Is That Hat Adjustable? Is Our Defense?

2 thoughts on “SC – Auburn, A Graphic Explanation (Ellis Johnson’s Hat Edition)

  1. Is it just me or is the db’s getting lost on the field..I diagree with a lot of what is being said about the offense.They scored enough points to win the game..Our defense looked like crap..I could not even see the db’s at times.Our linebackers looked confused on every play..the linebackers where slow and very undecided as to what they needed to do.When Auburn had 3rd and 8 or 9,our db.s were giving them a 15 yard cushion.Is it not true this should only happen when the opposing team needs about 15 yards..We should be able to bumb and run with their recievers.The linebackers were out of position when they knew Newton was going to run the ball.I saw little or no effort from the linebackers at times.Give me 27 points a game with a decent defense and you should win the game…please tell Mr Johnson I hold him responsible to get this problem fixed.

    1. I think you are on tot he real issue – its the relative inexperience of a couple of our linebackers, and the physical condition of the other two (one rehabbing a hammy and the other running aroundon two post-op wheels). They are all (with the exception of Straughter maybe) undersized.

      When our lb play is suspect, our DB have to give a cushion or else we can easilty get burned deep. That’s why you see us being a “bend but don’t break” type defense so often.

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