Banal Gameday Predictions – Furman

Buck says – USC 44, Furman 13.  I had a strong feeling that we were going to beat Georgia last week, and lo and behold we did.  This week, I have a strong feeling that we’re going to take care of business against Furman.  If this team is going to prove it’s different from the other Spurrier teams that got off to strong starts, it needs to dash any hopes of a Paladin upset early, and then not let up on the gas pedal.  Look for a much more balanced offensive attack, with something much closer to a 50-50 run/pass ratio.  Lattimore will get 20 touches, but not much more.  Garcia needs to be solid and build some confidence heading into next week.  I don’t expect Furman to move the ball much against our defense.  Ellis Johnson will have those guys ready.  Don’t be surprised if we have a rough go of it in the first quarter, but we’ll get it in gear before halftime.

Tbone says – Carolina 55 Furman 17.  I guess I can bring a little Paladin perspective to this contest.  The average FU fan likes Bobby Lamb a great deal.  He’s an alum, a former starting quarterback, and loyal coach, but its clear to all that he’s no Dick Sheridan, Jimmy Satterfield, or Bobby Johnson.  He’s solid, but still a step down from those guys.  In much the same vein, this year’s edition of the Purple and White is solid, but a step down from the teams of old.  Coach Spurrier has all but stated he plans on hanging fifty on someone this year, and this is his best 2010 chance.  The first couple of series may feel awkward, and we may start asking ourselves some old familiar questions, but things will settle in pretty quick.  Oh, and my score contemplates a late Furman TD.  Now I just hope Dr. Smolla doesn’t revoke my diploma for predicting an embarrasing loss.

G-Man says-USC 35 Furman 16.  I’m not ready to declare this a different sort of USC team just yet.  We have a terrible habit of playing down to our competition and I expect that to occur in the first half tomorrow.  As we have seen around the country, nothing is a gimme anymore.  Unfortunately, I remember the 1982 game, and a bunch of other embarrassing losses, very well.  Let’s hope I’m dead wrong and we steamroll FU from the opening kickoff.  After all, that’s what we should do.   I expect us to move guys into the box and make the Paladins chunk it.  If this happens, we should be well on the way to victory early on.  If they can run on us, expect a score close to my prediction.  As for the offense, we should have a field day on the ground.  SOS will likely take some chances in the passing game and get Shaw some snaps.  If the air attack starts rounding into shape, maybe we can put this one away early and coast in the second half.   But please………..don’t make this a repeat of the last game against Wofford.  My hope is that Coach Beamer has put the team on major upset alert after seeing what happened to daddy’s team last weekend.