Number Association Countdown – #5 – Dondrial Pinkins

Dondrial Pinkins, the Thrilla from Camilla, came to South Carolina in 2000. Many thought he would be the perfect Lou Holtz-style quarterback for the Gamecocks – a strong runner with the ability to make throws when the situation called for it.

Pinkins waited his turn behind Phil Petty and Cory Jenkins before getting his shot as the full-time starter in 2003. He played well in spurts, but never developed the consistency he needed to be really successful. He was fun to watch at times, like when he hooked up with Troy Williamson for the longest play in Gamecock history. Later in that game he powered a Virginia defender into the end zone to put the game away, and he paired with Matthew Thomas on the second longest play in Gamecock history (98 yards) in a loss at Ole Miss.

Pinkins’ career ended with a whimper as he battled a shoulder injury for the second half of 2004, and he didn’t suit up for the final two games that year against Florida and Clemson.

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