Breaking News: TRC to Remain Free

In light of The State newspaper’s decision to “move to a membership model” (aka charge you for what you are currently getting for free) at, The Rubber Chickens thought it would be a good time to reassure our readers we have no immediate plans to charge membership fees for our web content.  As always, when you visit TRC you will get , absolutely free of charge:

– NO inside information

– NO breaking news

– NO recruiting gurus

- A bevvy of smarta** comments

– Television, movie, and music reviews during the off season.

- A contributor with a superfluous nipple (actually TWO superfluous nipples)

- Free candy (we’re still working on this)

Plus many, many other non-member benefits.  All we ask for is your continued patronage.  Or not, we’re really only doing this for our own nacissistic pleasure. 

Thank you!

The Rubber Chickens Staff