Sunday Night Snark

Why, WHY did he put Newton in for the two point conversion???

– Kentucky Head Coach In Waiting, Joker Phillips, has a quarterback controversy.  Not content to juggle two guys in the spot, the decisive Joker is still toying with at least three.  His choices appear to be; 1. The slow one with the weak arm, 2. the slower one with the slightly weaker arm, or 3. the fast one without arms.  All the while, the right choice is staring him in the face with olive colored eyes – eyes that see into your very soul.

– Consider Mark Richt, veteran thespian, with his fully clothed dramatic swan dive.  Is it art, smug self-indulgence, or a pre-enactment of the Dawgs 2010 season?  I’ve watched it a dozen times, dear friends, and the answer is ‘all of the above’.

Hiya, Kids! Wanna rub my rock?

– CTU’s transformation from legitimate football program to children’s cartoon show accelerates! The “All In Anthem“, as composed and performed by a couple of freshman DBs, explores the various rhyming possibilities of Dabo’s famous slogan. Sadly, it appears that these possibilities are limited to the word “ballin”, although the fresh freshmen occasionally throw in an unexpected “ball out” to keep things interesting.

– The Tennessee football program might not always play by the rules.  I know, I was surprised as well.