Number Association Countdown – #12 – Toby Cates

I really don’t have much for you on this one, Cates was just the first #12 I thought of, right before Arturo Freeman (who never should’ve been participating in the drill where he tore his ACL, but that’s a can of worms for a different day).

A quick glance at the media guides revealed that he played DB his redshirt freshman year, and even started five games, which I didn’t remember. He moved to WR as a sophomore, and was the team’s leading receiver as a junior, and second behind Brandon Bennett as a senior.

I thought Toby Cates was a cool customer, I do remember that. He was of average build, average speed, average talent, in other words pretty darned average. But he got every ounce of that averageness, which is always worthy of respect.

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