Number Association Countdown – #20 – Bobby Fuller

In the interest of full disclosure, I hate it when a quarterback wears a number any higher than 19.  Always have.  Despite that, I think Bobby Fuller was one of the five, maybe four, best quarterbacks to ever play at South Carolina.  Over his two years as a starter after transferring from Appalachian State he put up some very nice numbers, combining a decent arm with great decision making and accuracy.  Yet you never hear his name mentioned in any South Carolina quarterback conversation.  Ever. 

It must be because he played in the post-Ellis, pre-Taneyhill era, an era so devoid of color, sound and smell that it has practically self-stricken itself from the record books.  It was about as memorable as Sparky Woods (whom we also plucked from App State) himself, the most beige head coach in our history. I have as few memories from the 89-92 seasons as any.

Of course, those included my last 2 1/2 years of college, so never mind.  Mystery solved.

– buck

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