Quick Gameday Storylines

A few thoughts to ponder/debate/throw guacamole at your friends over:

Who gets the ball first?  The HBC consistently choses the ball if we win the toss, and our opponents consistently want to get a stop on us so they elect to kick.  Either way, there’s usually a 90% chance we get the first possession.  For some reason (OK its CTU’s defensive struggles) I expect Dabo et al to play against the norm and take the ball if they get the chance.  Opening kick to Watkins? [shudder]

Watch DJ Swearinger – The Greenwood native mentioned it again this week – The Tigers didn’t strongly recruit him and only came through with an offer in the final weeks leading up to signing day.  He knows as well as us what that means:  He was their backup plan.  Hopefully the chip on his shoulder carries over to a physical play.

Speaking of physical play – This rivalry game swings from year to year on who hits the hardest at the point of attack.  It’s not going to come down to a big play by CTU WR #2 or SC WR #1, the team that wins will be the team that consistently out-hits the other guys.

Injuries – Both teams are riddled with them.  But to suggest that the nicks and bruises on the CTU squad are anywhere close to our issues is laughable.  Not an excuse, just a talking point.  Oh, and #winanyway.

Smack talk – Hasn’t been an inordinate amount of back and forth this week, but I will list a few just to keep your hatred fresh: Boyd and his “SMH” tweet re: Mangus, Allen says he doesn’t know #2’s name, Allen says Boyd will crack under pressure, Dabo drops the HBC’s age about ten times in his presser, the HBC calls Dabo the “CEO,” implying what we already know is true:  the Excited One is (only) the CTU head cheerleader.

Place kicking – Both teams have issues with their field goal units.  A “Wide Left” game redux is not out of the question.

Tailgate Grenade – If you are forced to watch The Game with CTU fans, please do yourself a favor: during the first conversation lull proclaim thusly:  “My brother-in-law (etc) is a big Gamecock Club donor and he says the Board of Trustees has already voted to do away with the CU/USC series now that the SEC has expanded and needs 9 conference games.   It’s not really a big deal to most Gamecock fans, actually, since we’ve pretty much passed you guys and have 3 or 4 other better rivals.  I’m sure its gonna suck for you guys, but hey whaddyagonnado?”  Enjoy the spasms of outrage that result.  You’re welcome.

In Case of Emergency – In the unlikely event of a CTU win tonight, just avoid the Dollar General for the next couple of weeks.  You will run into significantly fewer CTU fans that way.