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A New Low for TRC: Reposting from a Pay Site (but its about Garcia, so SShhhh!)

Its not Insider Information, but it sums up where we should be as fans better than anything I’ve read this week.  So to ‘scarolinaguy’ on GCC, we give a tip of the cap, and a promise for free beer upon … Continue reading

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CTU Fans, A Survival Guide

The inexplicably good beginning for the 2011 Clemson Tiger football season creates particularly acute problems for many Carolina fans.  The average CTU fan has been relatively quiet for the last two years, but is now energized beyond all sanity after a couple of … Continue reading

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Morning Tusings on a Thursday Afternoon

Tusings, or Tuesday Musings, was meant to be a weekly column where I speak of random randomness involving the Gamecocks. But, since I don’t get paid for this, and because the people who do pay me expect things of me that do … Continue reading

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Mrs. Tbone Breaks It Down

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Ten Alternate Unis That Didn’t Make the Cut

In case you haven’t heard, the Gamecocks will be rocking an alternate uniform for the Auburn game.  The unis are being worn  in support of the Wounded Warrior Project, an important charity if ever there was one, and are completely badass: Yes, I agree:  … Continue reading

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Listen Here! TRC Unleashed – Episode 7 is in the Books

TRC Unleashed reviewed the quarterback situation, and came to some surprising conclusions about the future of Stephen Garcia. Also discussed: Has the HBC lost his marbles? Is Melvin Ingram Batman? Is Jadeveon Clowney Robin? CC Whitlock gets an award! Tbone expresses his utter disdain for … Continue reading

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Vontaze Burfict is Football

Not Gamecock related, but this might just be the greatest football photo ever. Captions welcome.

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TRC Unleashed – Episode 7: The Vandy Game

Buck returns, so the show gets more 300% more interesting. Unfortunately, the guys have to talk about the thing that’s on everybody’s mind after the Vandy game – the quarterback situation. They’ll tell you what they think will happen, and … Continue reading

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Snap Judgements – Vanderbilt @ USC Edition

Some quick, barely researched, not fully formed thoughts from tonight’s train wreck of a 21-3 victory over Vanderbilt: We are who we are, and unfortunately that’s not good news. I’ve been one of those guys throwing around justifications for our less-than-impressive … Continue reading

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TRC Editorial: Overcoming the Victim Mentality

After reading Marty Simpson’s article on Gamecock Central this morning, I have one request of the Gamecock Nation: please stop with the victim mentality. You can read the article, I wont’ re-hash too much of it, but there are some facts we … Continue reading

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