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The Big 12 Is Outside Your Window, TAMU


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TAMU: Now on the Prowl

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Five Questions with LOHD

I had the privilege of answering ten questions about the 2011 edition of the South Carolina football team with our friends over at Leftover Hot Dog today.  They only published five though,  I guess because the other five were either profanity-laced or delved … Continue reading

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To Life, Love, and Loot: An ECU Primer

That’s not Rum, its CUSA Koolaid Yes, the title is a reference to the new Captain Morgan’s advertising campaign, and was way too easy. Basically, the thought process went like this: East Carolina. Mascot? Pirate. Pirates? Captain Morgan? /Strikes pose … Continue reading

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Why, Eleven Years Later, ECU Still Gives Me the Creeps

When I heard a while back East Carolina University had been added to our football schedule, I couldn’t help but cringe a little.  Even though eleven football seasons have come and gone since we played them last, they still give … Continue reading

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TRC Unleashed, Episode 3 Is In the Can

If you missed TRC Unleashed, Episode 3, you can find it here: TRC Unleashed We encourage you to listen if you want to hear: Why the Gman was late to the show Why we should/should not fear ECU A couple … Continue reading

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Foto Friday – Motivational Poster Edition

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Grade School (wherein we rank things) Season Preview Edition

Is there anything more mind-numbingly banal than preseason football predictions?  What, dinner with your in-laws, you say?  Well, yes – that is worse, but other than that?  Anything involving Piers Morgan?  Right, good point.  But otherwise?  Americans who follow English League … Continue reading

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Totally Unsourced Photo, but Hilarious Nonetheless

UPDATE!!!:  Through the work of our crack team of investigatory correspondents, we here at TRC have verified the authenticity of the above photo, and can also report that UT Head Coach Derek Dooley uses this catchphrase often.  Below we offer photographic … Continue reading

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TRC Unleashed, Episode 2 – That’s a Wrap

In case you missed the live podcast last night, the show is archived here: TRC Unleashed – Episode 2 Topics covered include: Does Miami deserve the death penalty?  Would you party with Nevin Shapiro? Scrimmage report from the Gman, who … Continue reading

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