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A Hater’s Guide to Cam Newton and Other Tusings

If you’ve been reading TRC for a while, you’ll know that its primary authors don’t care so much for Cam Newton.  And that’s only partly because he almost single-handedly beat South Carolina once and obliterated South Carolina once during the … Continue reading

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We’d Like to Ask you a Few Questions /flashes badge

You may have seen this video from practice yesterday. It’s recommended viewing, if for no other reason that to point out that the HBC is either A. Brilliant, B. The Man You’re Wife Wishes You Were, C. Bat-crap Crazytime Insane, … Continue reading

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Ellington Still Needs to Improve His Decision Making

Let me preface this blog post with this – I have never seen Bruce Ellington play football.  I understand he was undoubtedly a Division I prospect in the sport, was wanted by Steve Spurrier and staff, and put on an … Continue reading

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Tool of the Day: UCLA’s Right Fielder

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Galloway, Spinella to Transfer and Other Tusings

Tusing:  In case you missed it last week, stands for Tuesday musing.  From now on you’ll just have to assume I misspelled something. Word just came down that Stephen Spinella and Ramon Galloway have decided to leave the South Carolina … Continue reading

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The PAC 12 Revealed

Coming July 2011, a slightly modified logo, horrible music, and embarassing dancing. All courtesy of the new PAC 12.    This pales in comparison to that horriffic “Party in the UGA” recruitment video from last year, but still…

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Sometimes Reading Confuses Me and Other Tusings

Note:  “Tusings” = Tuesday Musings.  I just made that up, and you’re welcome.  (Even though I posted this on Wednesday, I thought of it on Tuesday, smart guy.) So, I was doing my daily lunchtime web surfing over a turkey … Continue reading

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Garcia Missing From Practice . . . UPDATED

We’ve found him, witness the photographic evidence from the Marriott Lounge:

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Cold Blooded: A TRC Endorsement of Gus Johnson

Once again NCAA tournament time is here (the nation’s single greatest sporting event, IMHO), and once again the University of South Carolina is on the outside looking in. The good news in that is this – I can sit back … Continue reading

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Justin King . . .We Salute You!

KABOOM-YOW! [noise of our collective TRC snarky cynicism being dropped]:

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