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Basketball – Where We Need Improvement (A Short List)

I watched the South Carolina basketball team again Saturday night, and for the first time this year I didnt really get angry at our team. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that this team, as I heard a football coach … Continue reading

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Spurnips Still Funny

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TRC, The Magazine – Swimsuit Issue

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What NASCAR Could Teach College Football (Yes, I’m Serious)

Earlier today I was watching the Daytona pre-race coverage on Fox while gently dozing on my couch. I find that modern day NASCAR is best viewed in a semi-catatonic state, as it is both designed and marketed for a demographic … Continue reading

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Clowney Influenced by LeBron? Ugh.

This will be my final Jadeveon Clowney-inspired post,at least until my next one. What brings me back to the topic is this puzzling quote from a Post and Courier story this morning: “Clowney said he was influenced by NBA star … Continue reading

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Jadeveon is a Gamecock and Other Valentine’s Day Musings

The roller coaster ride wrapped in a circus that was the recruitment of Jadeveon Clowney finally ended today. Despite the ridiculous amount of media coverage that mounted over the last few months, and last two weeks in particular, the importance … Continue reading

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William Carlos Williams Asks:

trick shot quarterback delivers mind blowing video but has no statistics as a redshirt junior?

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Dear Jadeveon…if you attend Clemson Tiger University…

Earlier this week I read a blog post called “Dear Jadeveon…if you attend the University of South Carolina” (h/t It’s fair, and honest, and lays out some good reasons for JadeveonClowney to don the garnet & black next season. … Continue reading

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CTU Recruiting Secret . . . Exposed!

It may be common knowledge that CTUHead Cat, Dabo Sweeney, used to be a Condo Salesman, but what is not widely known is that he also used to wrestle professionally under thealias “OsirisPortal.” We here at TRChave uncovered archival footageshowing … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Photo of Last Know People Who Aren’t Aware of NSD

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