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We’re Still Not Over It

And you know what I’m talking about. Since Saturday I have had numerous conversations with Gamecocks fans.† I’ve read several articles in print and on the internet.† I’ve listened to post-practice comments from the coaches and players.† And we here … Continue reading

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The Maddox Jump

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Post-Auburn Stream of Consciousness Reflections

Did you think you’d get through a Gamecock football season without a dagger to heart or five like that game†Saturday night?† Sucker.† Or newbie.† Here are some random musings on what I saw Saturday night: Stephen Garcia should still be … Continue reading

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SC – Auburn, A Graphic Explanation (Ellis Johnson’s Hat Edition)

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Banal Gameday Predictions – Auburn

Buck says†-†USC 27, Auburn 23.† I really couldn’t have less of a clue†about this game.† I have no feel for how good either team is at this point.† Two weeks ago I would’ve probably said†Carolina wins†and feel pretty confident about … Continue reading

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Randall Cobb Really Loves Cheesy Biscuits

Defensive Coordinators around the Southeastern Conference have struggled to contain University of Kentucky WR/QB/RB/Superman Randall Cobb for a couple of years now.† The answer is now apparent:† the man is powerless against Red Lobster Cheesy Biscuits. His twitter feed tells … Continue reading

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The Quarter-Season Report

Hard to believe, but with the third game now in the books, the 2010 football regular†season is 1/4th done.† I’m hoping that the season is actually only 3/14ths over, if you take my meaning, but†its nice to still have that … Continue reading

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Remembering Kenny

Over the next days and weeks a lot of people will be recounting their memories of Kenny McKinley, and deservedly so. They’ll talk about the slant routes against Tennessee.¬† His first career touchdown catch against Arkansas. His touchdown throw to … Continue reading

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God Loves the Auburn Tigers . . . and Hates C.T.U.

Iím a Presbyterian. That may be a strange way to start a blog post about college football, so let me explain.† Presbyterians have been accused of giving very little credence to the idea of free will, opting instead to attribute … Continue reading

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