TRC Unleashed

Join us each week (or thereabouts) for TRC Unleashed , our recurring podcast for all things Gamecockish.

The podcast is hosted by Buck, a blowhard of epic proportions (by “epic proportions” we mean to hint that he is a little on the heavy side, but we don’t focus on his ahem, largecomings, in much the same way that people don’t constantly tell you that water is wet).  He has both a voice and a face made for podcasting.

Color commentary is provided by Tbone, the misanthopic pessimist of our group.   During his occasional bouts of optimism he remains steadfastly misanthropic.  Think Hannibal Lecter, but as a vegetarian (except Tbone is not a cannibal and he enjoys vinegar-based BBQ and really greasy hamburgers).  Its kind of hard to explain, but we can guarantee he will not be gentle, and you will not enjoy it.

Statistical banality is provided by Gman, our technical guru (in the sense that technically he is the statistical guru of our group, but no one will ever know since he doesn’t understand how to use a computer).  He’s like the Gamecock Sports version of Rain Man, but without the endearing personality.

Shame on you if you’ve missed any recent episodes of TRC Unleashed. Fortunately for you, we have graciously linked some of our best episodes (and by best we mean all, because how can you choose a favorite amongst your children, right?).

So listen up:

TRC Unleashed, Episode 54 – The Arkansas Review

TRC Unleashed, Episode 53 – The Kentucky Review

TRC Unleashed, Episode 52 – The Central Florida Review

TRC Unleashed, Episode 51 – The Vandy Review

TRC Unleashed, Episode 50 – The Georgia Review

TRC Unleashed, Episode 49 – The North Carolina Review

TRC Unleashed, Episode 48 – Kevin McCrarey Helps Preview the Tar Heels

TRC Unleashed, Episode 47 – #inappropriatelyturnt #basementfullofbones

TRC Unleashed, Episode 46 – Technical Difficulty

TRC Unleashed, Episode 45 – Open Mic Night

TRC Unleashed, Episode 44 – Grumpy Old Men

TRC Unleashed, Episode 43 – The Justin King Experience

TRC Unleashed, Episode 42 – Talkin’ Hoops with The Captain

TRC Unleashed, Episode 41 – Phil Kornblut Talks Recruiting

TRC Unleashed, Episode 40 – Outback Bowl Review

TRC Unleashed, Episode 39 - Fourpeat Edition

TRC Unleashed, Episode 38 – Clemson Preview

TRC Unleashed, Episode 37 – REVENGE IS SOMETHING Edition

TRC Unleashed, Episode 36 – The Bye Week Podcast

TRC Unleashed, Episode 35 – The Marcus Podcast

TRC Unleashed, Episode 34 – The Florida Game

TRC Unleashed, Episode 33 – The LSU Game

TRC Unleashed, Episode 32 – The Georgia Game

TRC Unleashed, Episode 31 – UGA Preview

Use the search function to find more episodes on TRC Unleashed on our site.


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  1. The shame spiral continues.

  2. episode 40 would not open/play. Will try again later but I think there is a problem with the link.

  3. episode 40 would not open/play. Will try again later but I think there is a problem with the link.

  4. Any chance of getting on Itunes?

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