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TRC Movie Review – #HereSC Redux

The latest TRC “movie” review focuses on a heartwarming sports story about two defensive coordinators who despise each other but must work together for the betterment of their team. Coaches Hoke and Ward put aside their differences…no, wait, that’s just … Continue reading

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Gamecock Baseball Not So Normal These Days

Back in June of 2011, the day after South Carolina clinched its second consecutive National Championship in baseball, I penned a blog post called The New Normal. The new normal lauded the Gamecock program as the best in the nation, … Continue reading

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If You Could Change the Outcome of One Play in Gamecock History…

Hey we’re back! What would bring The Rubber Chickens Blog out of semi-retirement to make an actual blog post? A Mighty Meaty pizza from Mellow Mushroom? Yes, definitely. Ronda Rousey putting Dabo Swinney in an armbar? You know it. A … Continue reading

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TRC Unleashed Episode 75 – Goodbye Football, Hello Basketball

TRC Unleashed returns with a healthy discussion about coaching changes, if they should be made, if so then why, if not then why not, if so then who, and oh God I hope the podcast isn’t this boring. Tune in, we even talk … Continue reading

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At the Movies with TRC – Clemson’s “I Am Death Valley”

We typically only go to the movies to discuss Gamecock videos, like here and here, but occasionally something comes along outside of the USC marketing department that is so atrocious that we simply cannot ignore. Clemson’s “I Am Death Valley” is … Continue reading

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2015 Gamecock Sports Goalolutions

OK, so I started this post as 2015 Gamecock Sports Resolutions, but they started sounding a lot like goals and not really resolutions. So like any good blogger I mashed up the two words into something terrible nobody will understand. Really … Continue reading

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Snap Judgments – 2014 Duck Commander Independence Bowl Edition

Some quick, barely researched, not fully-formed thoughts from South Carolina’s 24-21 DCI Bowl victory over Miami: Happy Endings. There were so many things to be disappointed about in South Carolina’s 2014 season – a humiliating opening loss on the SEC … Continue reading

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TRC Unleashed Episode 74 – Serial Intro Edition

Happy Holidays Gamecock fans. Our Christmas gift to you is this podcast, because quite frankly we can’t afford something for all of you, even if we put a $10 limit on it. On this episode we discuss: The Spurrier plan … Continue reading

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Losing Will: Disappointment, or Disaster?

Let’s get my personal feelings out there first: I’m disappointed Will Muschamp is not coming to South Carolina to be our defensive coordinator. Not two-touchdown, fourth quarter lead blowing disappointed. Not losing to Clemson disappointed. Not Chick-fil-a forgot to put … Continue reading

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TRC Unleashed Episode 73 – The Streak Buster

Well, the streak of five straight wins over Clemson is done, and the TRC Unleashed crew gets together to recap how it happened, and how we can prevent it from ever from happening again. Aside from the game itself, you’ll hear … Continue reading

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