TRC Unleashed – Episode 26 – The Vandy Preview

TRC drops a surprise podcast on you this week to help you prepare for all things Vandy.  We discuss:

  • Why we shouldn’t be worried about Vandy
  • Why we should be worried about Vandy
  • And finally, why we shouldn’t be worried about Vandy
  • In addition, THIS WEEK IN DABO!!!

Plus, we all choose our breakout performer this year for the Gamecocks and somehow the name Shaq Roland doesn’t pass any of our lips.

Good thing we never had any credibility in the first place, huh?

Listen up! You won’t regret it.

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A writer whose facts may not always be correct, but whose opinions based on those facts are.

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  1. Gentlemen, really…9-3 record…way to go out on a limb!

    • You can’t go out on a limb if you don’t climb the tree.

      By the way, could you point us to the tree?

  2. i have some good betting tips for the gamecock game! a sick parlay if u wanna make some cash right here!


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