Things We Wish We’d Thought Of: Garnet and Blacketology

This will be a ton of fun to watch next week.  I have to admit, I wish we’d thought of what Connor Tapp came up with here.

Bracket courtesy of

And even though we come in as a four seed, the boys at GABA recognize that we may actually be the team to beat in the Blogger/Writer Region.

Just a brief sizing up of our competition:

  • Chris Clark – peaked as a second-team slot receiver
  • SpursUp Blog – ha ha!! Like we’re going to lose to a girl!
  • Wes Mitchell – jocksniffer
  • Life of a Gamecock – agoraphobe
  • Scott Hood – Yankee
  • David Cloninger – #Cloningered
  • John Whittle – worthy opponent (note to self: keep folding chair within reach)

I think we breeze through the bracket, and will face Michael Roth in the semifinals.  Roth is not as popular as he’s been the last two years because he hasn’t won a National Championship this year (yet).  Fortunately voting closes before the Super Regionals are over.  We win in a squeaker.

In the finals I see us facing Team Garcia.  (How do we NOT pick @ITS_DABO?  Hey, Jennifer Hudson didn’t win American Idol even though she was clearly the most awesome.)

Once in the finals, we’ll put on some AXE body spray, offer Team a couple of Mike’s Hard Lemonades and put on an Oasis CD, and she will forget there ever was a College Tworld Series.

We anxiously await our trophy…

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