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TRC’s Top Ten Candidates for Vacant Coaching Position

Help me out here, how many stages of grief are there?  Upon hearing about the Jeep Hunter dismissal, the editorial staff at TRC probably blew through them all in short order.  We went from #1 Groggy Comprehension (Huh, who?  Hey, I was asleep – don’t call me right after lunch!), to #2 Curious Googling (Oh, THAT Jeep Hunter), to #3 Bargaining (Look, I’ll buy you a beer if you will STOP talking about Jeep Hunter) to #4 Acceptance (Hey, Whaddyagonnado?) in the short span of a half work day.

With that now behind us (and a long weekend to drink off the other, more upsetting, news that decrepit Madonna is providing the Super Bowl halftime show) we here at TRC are now mentally prepared to give you our rundown of the top ten DB coaching candidates, with unassailable reasons why they will all-ALL, MIND YOU- be considered by the HBC:

10.  Willie Martinez.  Former Defensive Coordinator for UGa, Martinez is well-known for having roomed with Mark Richt during their mutual time on the University of Miami’s football team.  Think about that for a minute:  he survived rooming with the most boring man in all of sport.  That alone is a strong testimony to his will and self-determination.

9.  Charlize Theron.  Well, more accurately the character she played in Three Days in the Valley.  Or maybe that Sci-Fi flick where she jumped around in the black unitard.  Hot as hell in both those movies, and I’d pay some serious scratch to watch her prowl the sweaty sidelines at the WB.

8. Charlize Theron in all the other movies she did.  Except Monster – that was gross.

7.  Troy Douglas.  Formerly of UNCarolina, Mr. Douglas has a solid reputation of joining programs on the verge of NCAA probation, and then reconstructing a serviceable pass defense despite the eligibility Armageddon.  Not saying that is about to happen here BUT OH MY GOD WHAT IF WE GET HAMMERED FOR WHITNEYGATE I HATE YOU JOE PERSON!!!

6.  Dr. T. Berry Brazelton.  You may or may not remember him, but his “touchpoints” approach to defense got me through a rough ten years or so of dealing with young people.

5.  Duce Staley/ Terry Cousins/ Chris Rumph/ Steve Taneyhill/ Mark Dantonio.  Because this is the internet, and that is the sort of nonsense we are required to discuss.

4.  Vic Koenning.  He is available still, right?  Got let go with the Zooker up at Illinois, I think.  He should be considered just because it would royally hack off Mr. Dabo Cornelius Swinney.  That’s right, I’ve invented a middle name for Dabo.  Tweet that.

3.  Brad Scott.  Just to make him run around a little.  Hey, I’m concerned for his health, and it looks like he makes the CTU guys carry him around all the time.

2.  A Pellini.  Don’t care which one.  Hire one just for the faces they make.

1.  Steven Orr Spurrier.  You figure he would call an all-out double zero coverage blitz on EVERY snap.  Guaranteed to get the ball back one way or the other, right?

Think that should cover it.

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Signing Day Adam – A Meditation

Signing Day Adam being, of course, the day before Signing Day Eve.

Feel free to use that one, and you’re welcome.

That to the side, longtime followers of TRC will remember  that I profess absolutely no interest in recruiting.  This representation of ambivalence is carefully crafted with an eye toward giving me an aloof detachment from the entire dirty process.

But it’s all a lie – I absolutely DO follow recruiting – just not the daily ebb and flow of commitments, decommits, bags of cash doled out at the local Mcdonalds (that’s a CTU fan conspiracy favorite from back in the Squeaky Watson days), etc.  Instead of getting wrapped up in all the drama, I prefer to take a million-mile view based on the final class rank.

I then sit back and wait a year or two and see who from the class actually enrolled and whether or not they actually contribute to the team.

To illustrate by contrast: this morning on WCCP’s Mickey Plyler Show, the co-host (name escapes me but he sounds young and over-eager) was waxing enthusiastic about all things recruiting and remembering what he described as the “most free publicity Clemson has ever received until the big winning streak this year in football” (quick aside here – no idea what winning streak he is talking about, so it must not-a-been much).  That event, he opined, was the signing day press conference from 2008, where Jamie Harper, Daquan Bowers, and Kyle Parker all inked with the Tigers as a part of the supposed #2 class in the country.

How’d that work out for them?  Counting, of course, the redshirt year for some of the signees, I guess that great class did win the coastal division and the ACC championship, but it also lost three straight to the Gamecocks, lost a Charlotte Bowl to South Freakin Florida, and set the all-time NCAA record for a lopsided bowl loss.

They couldn’t see that coming in the 2008 press conference, could they?

My point here is this:  enjoy signing day, but don’t stress out about it.  It will all work out in the end, and signing day braggadocio notwithstanding, all of our football programs will be about where they were before all the ink hit all the Wednesday paperwork.

One prediction – there’s gonna be a big surprise or three.  I base this entirely upon the following: its been quiet in the southeast this recruiting cycle.  Too Quiet.  All of the pundits are talking about how the recruiting game has changed and is now pretty straightforward, standardized, and boring.  This guarantees, of course, that recruiting Armageddon will arrive on Wednesday.  So prepare yourself accordingly.

Not that any of it really matters.

TRC Unleashed, Episode 20 is Here for Your Listening Pleasure

Click here, then ignore the horrible sound quality for the first minute, then enjoy ramblings about:

  • National Signing Day and how the Gamecocks will fare
  • The dismissal of Jeep Hunter and what it all means
  • A preview of a preview of the upcoming baseball season
  • Chad Kelley Chad Kelley Chad Kelley
  • basketball


TRC Unleashed – Episode 20 Tonight at 6 p.m.

TRC brings you the historic 20th episode of Unleashed tonight at 6 p.m. It’s hard to believe three guys with nothing to talk about have produced 10 hours worth of podcasts.  Tonight we’ll try to make a boring week exciting with:

  • Another coaching change
  • Gman with a report from yesterday’s baseball scrimmage
  • How the basketball team did this week
  • On This Week in Dabo – Chad Kelley, American Idol

Plus, Tbone tells us how to make a Mitt Romney cake from several flavorless ingredients.

Jeep Hunter, A Google Retrospective

Reports are out there that Carolina Runningbacks Tight Ends Safeties Spurs Coach Jeep Hunter is no longer a part of the coaching staff.

We here at TRC are saddened by this news for many reasons, not the least of which is the fun that can be had by googling “Jeep Hunter.”


Jeep Hunter: Finally Caught One

Jeep Hunter, Recruiting Haul


Camo Jeep Hunter


Jeep Hunter, (twin bucket seat option not available on coaching models)


Would go with 'Chewing up the Competition" but its being towed in. (SYMBOLISM?!?!)

TRC Word of the Day: Parvenu

The word ‘parvenu’ might not be the most common of english usages, but it nevertheless conveys a meaning that any of us would readily understand.  It’s “new money”, but with a decidedly pejorative connotation.  Think The Great Gatsby, trying to overcompensate for a meager upbringing by lavishly spending new-found wealth.  Garish fortune notwithstanding, the erstwhile tycoon still struggled for acceptance among the elites.

Confused?  Let me illustrate:

Once upon a time, there was a relatively minor football program at a state agricultural college that was tucked away in an undeveloped backwater of a small southern town.  This program was not considered a threat by any of the football elites, in fact it was only marginally competitive with other regional schools.  This school blatantly lifted its athletic traditions from other, more successful, programs and ultimately offered repeated and desperate protestations that it deserved to be treated with the same respect.

But the school had a problem, and the problem was money.

Such were the school’s financial woes that its head coach created a new concept:  a non-alumni booster organization.  This group would raise much-needed capital from the modest working folks that surrounded the school.  A relatively meager amount was required to join – only ten dollars a year.  But the idea worked, and quite well.  “I Pay Ten a Year” became a slogan for those farmers and factory workers who had no hope of a college education, but could still identify with the upstart college program up the road.

Money poured in.

When the product on the field didn’t match either the aspirations of the desperate program or the expectations of the locals, questions began to be asked.  Difficult questions about how all that money was being spent.  The powerful within the department soon made a decision:  they would take their newfound cash, and use it to both purchase the national legitimacy they so desperately desired, and also placate their yeoman supporters.

They were gonna buy their way to success.

Initially, it seemed to work.    An unheard of accomplishment, the Mythical National Championship was obtained.  But then disaster struck, as the sport’s governing organization recognized the blatant shenanigans and slapped the eager upstarts with the worst penalties ever handed down at the time, and the second worst penalties still to date.

A second probation would soon follow, as more pay-for-play allegations swirled. But with new-found TV dollars added to the pile, the chance to cash in only grew.

These rumors continue until this day, although the school’s relatively low profile, remote location, and penchant for offering compliance officers ridiculously high salaries have thus far allowed them to escape NCAA notice.  Examples nevertheless abound, such as a star running back spurning the NFL and returning to school after discovering that the free use of a local lake house would vanish with the expiration of his amateur status.  Recruits were repeatedly (I mean, repeatedly, oh, and repeatedly) seen posing with large amounts of cash, and one in Marlboro County even widely claimed to have won the lottery on national signing day.  One recruit allegedly had his entire family comp’ed at a luxury hotel for weeks leading up to signing day.  Another player even admitted on air that the NFL wouldn’t be able to pay him as much as this school could.

Beyond paying players, this school demonstrates its desperate search for attention and importance in other ways.  It is currently paying the salary of its last head coach, last defensive coordinator, and last offensive coordinator, and all of them are working elsewhere.  At the same time, it is paying its current head coach an amount that could liquidate the local Dollar General, and just announced that it will pay its two current coordinators the highest joint salary of any school in NCAA history.

Our word of the day relates to this school because of the absolute glee with which its supporters celebrate these spending sprees.  Whether for coaches, facilities, or for players outright, the fanbase of this school is so hungry for acceptance, and so haunted by feelings of inferiority to their collegiate neighbors, that they will celebrate being first in anything, even if it’s just being  first in lavishly wasting money.

Someone who wildly spends money to try to obtain long-dreamed heights of social status, allthewhile only reinforcing their own undesirableness – that’s a parvenu.

You’re welcome.

Oh, and this picture, just because:

How much that fried chicken cost? Whooooweeeee!

Inside the Head of Brent Venables

Oh holy crap what have I done.  How did I wind up here?  I was at Oklahoma…home of Wilkinson and Switzer and Sims and Holieway…home of seven National Championships and five Heisman Trophy winners.  Tradition.  REAL tradition.  Not clinging like grim death to some title that was bought thirty years ago…OK, so Switzer bought a couple, but still…  Aw geez, look at this guy, he’s my boss.  MY BOSS.  Bob Stoops WAS my boss, National Championship winner himself.  Protege of Steve Spurrier.  Sure, I was being semi-demoted because he brought his cro-magnon brother back, but so what?  That was a sweet gig.  Defensive coordinator for the Oklahoma Sooners football team.  I was a rising star.  Soon to be head head coach of a major program.  Now look at me.  Wearing a stupid orange and purple jacket and reporting to a real, live, honest to goodness clown.  I know that’s an overused term, but crap man, give this guy a red nose, floppy shoes, a 1969 VW bug and ten more like him and you’re charging $35 a ticket under a big striped tent.  God, those videos of him screaming and dancing and posturing, what a freakin’ phony.  How am I going to endure this?  OK, gotta calm down, hang in there Ven-man, stay the course.  Maybe we tank next year and I can slide into this guy’s job.  I mean, it’s the ACC, and it’s Clemson, but a head coaching job is a head coaching job, right?  A stepping stone.  Yeah, that’s how I have to approach it.  A fresh start.  Ugh, look at him.  Is that a booger?  Gross.  I’ve been here three days and I can’t stand to be in his presence.  I want to punch him in the face.  Geez I think I’m gonna vomit.  Seriously, how did I wind up here?

New TRC Feature: Exclusive Recruiting Reports From Bill Cornflute

Editor’s Note:  TRC is pleased to announce that Bill Cornflute, known to all Palmetto State football fans as our very own recruiting guru, has agreed to begin sharing inside and exclusive recruiting news, otherwise known as “poop,” to our blog.  We are glad to welcome the well-respected Mr. Cornflute to the TRC family.  Below is Cornflute’s first inside and exclusive report to TRC readership.  And remember, you got this scoop here and no place else.  No one except you, and I mean no one (and that includes Clark, Newburg, Wallace, Lemming, Shurburtt, Hood, Morrell, and countless other recruitniks), has this info.  With Cornflute’s help, we are now the razor sharp part of the cutting edge.

Recruiting Report 1-23-12

By Bill Cornflute

Flip-flopper and Mulletarian Gunner Kiel

Breaking News:  Elite 11 QB Prospect and super competitive Gunner Kiel has withdrawn from Notre Dame and re-opened his recruitment-again.  After previously committing to Indiana, LSU, and Notre Dame, Kiel has decided that he wants to set the all time record for broken commitments during a recruiting season.  Upon learning that former Auburn star QB Cam Newton decommitted from five different schools during the recruiting process, Kiel has announced plans that he will commit and then de-commit to at least four more schools before signing day.  I asked Kiel why he was planning for four de-commits instead of three when three would set the record.  Kiel’s reply:  “I’m a super competitive guy.  If I go ahead and do it four more times, that sets the bar pretty high for the next guy.  I like to set records and hope I can establish one that lasts for a while.”  When asked which schools he plans to spurn next, Kiel replied:  “I’m thinking Southern Cal, Oklahoma, Stanford, and Georgia.  Those schools have produced some pretty good QB’s.  It will be fun to screw with their fan bases a little.”  When asked where he will ultimately end up playing next year after setting the de-commitment record, Kiel was, predictably, non-committal:  “I’m not really sure at this point.  There are so many possibilities out there — so many people looking for stories.  I might just keep this going for a while.”

2018 RB prospect Skyler “Pee Wee” Thompson of Atlanta, a member of the ESPN Pre-Teen Phenoms,  is drawing early attention from multiple SEC and ACC programs.  Surprisingly strong for a player measuring in at 5-2, 110 pounds, Thompson has been known to lift his friend Felix (nicknamed “Bigun”) clear off the ground when playing “Tackle the Man with the Ball” with the neighborhood kids.  Quick and nimble, Pee Wee is almost never “it” when the group plays “Manhunt” in the back yard.  Pee Wee is a Pop Warner legend, having rushed for almost 900 yards in his flag football career.   Clemson, Auburn and Tennessee have expressed some early interest in Thompson.  When pressed about his recruiting (we had to pull him away from a spirited game of Mario Cart to take our call), Pee Wee claimed to having no favorites and played things close to the vest:  “It’s still pretty early in the process.  I want to take all my visits and see what each school has to offer.  For starters, the school I choose has gotta have lots of pizza and chicken nuggets at the training table.  And eggs.  And pancakes.  I love pancakes.”

I’ll be back next week with more insider info from the recruiting trail.


TRC Unleashed – Episode 19 is Here!

TRC Unleashed, Episode 19 recovered from a depressing start to finish strong on Monday night.  Topics included:

  • The basketball program and where we are with that train wreck
  • The job Eric Hyman has done since he’s been at USC
  • This week in Dabo (complete with new sounder!)
  • The loss of Coach Fitzgerald
  • Coming down the stretch in recruiting

It’s fun, join in!


Tune in for TRC Unleashed Tonight at 6:30!

That’s right, it’s time for another episode of TRC Unleashed.  Tonight, in Episode 19, we cover some of the events and stories of the past week, including:

  •  The horror story that our basketball program has become.
  • What will become of Darrin Horn?
  • What kind of job we think Eric Hyman is doing.
  • The departure of Craig Fitzgerald, and promotion of Joe Connolly
  • Recruiting news

Tune in tonight at 6:30!


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